#A falling star

It’s been years since I saw a falling star as I remember I was seven years old when I drove with my family to visit my village. After attained, the first night  I lay contentedly in my granny’s lap on the terrace rug watching heartily the night sky replenished with assorted stars brightly shining at […]

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Are aliens real?

Aliens….what comes in your mind when u come across this word?….🤔….Aliens actually means ( according to space science)some inhuman beings from other planets ….. Which are imaginary or real….well this still is rambling …cause the existence of aliens …..this topic has both views and also counter views …but in science too…there are proofs which object […]

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Bad days are the best days

As routinely, I was sitting in my class attending my lectures and of something unexpected I heard a call from the monitress of my class ”Anshika, teacher needs your presence at room no 30”,It was a bit peculiar for me cause I had never done any mischief. On my way I was anticipating of any […]

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Above the world

Well it gives me immense pleasure to share all the things above the world (and if u are above the world then u too!😀)…what exactly I mean is space,and also other blogs.I know that you have got questions like , is there any planet like earth where some body like aliens live!! And the answer […]

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