Bad days are the best days

As routinely, I was sitting in my class attending my lectures and of something unexpected I heard a call from the monitress of my class ”Anshika, teacher needs your presence at room no 30”,It was a bit peculiar for me cause I had never done any mischief. On my way I was anticipating of any mischief that I had done ‘did I take Nikita’s pencil or did I push Sandhya’ when I reached the room I saw students of higher classes noting something said by teacher and I was told to sit and listen what teacher was dectating.

It did not take much time for me to perceive that it was all for the commemoration of the glorious triumph of ‘MANGALYAAN’ which is mars orbiter mission. Atlast teacher called me and the level of my excitement was soaring high in the sky! I had been nominated to represent the MOM project because of which I was so delighted. It was a two day grand function.And was to be held in our school and students from other schools were invited to witness the exhibition . But, this was not all as soon as I reached home I was hankering to narrate all this to my mom but I got a ‘picture abhi baki hai’, twist!

My mom, expecting that I would be happy to know that we were going to a two day trip to Shirdi. Yes! , thankfully they were not the two days of my exhibition program. But friends , I am not that thankful because they were just the two days before my exhibition ! But my mom assured me that we will back till Sunday evening so I moved on.

It was the day on which we had to arrive for Shirdi-Saturday. My maternal family joined us in the trip and I enjoyed playing with my cousins in bus, singing songs, playing games , I truly enjoyed a lot. When we reached Shirdi it was midnight so we went to the hotel and decided to go to the temple till 5.00 in the morning. Next day we visited some different and mind-blowing places in Shirdi.As it was Sunday afternoon we were on our way back to home.Iwas tensed that I would reach home on time or not.

Suddenly we heard a disastrous noise of cracking of tyres the bus stopped with a sudden break and when the driver went down to see what had happened it was the tyres !they were punctured and around the bus we could only see a village house and an area like a dense forest, driver said that it will take minimum take 3 hours to call a mechanic in that area and repair the punctures. And here the level of my regretment was floating down in the sea!

I was just about to cry and then a little girl held her hand in mine and took me to her house her mom hospitalized me and my family Soon we became friends with  her[Pari]. Her grandmother was taking out milk from cow and to me it was so pristine as well as strange cause I had never seen anyone doing this before.Her  Grandmother offered us some tea from which was so luscious. She took our phone no and aprised us to come again .I enjoyed a lot there. I totally forgot bout my exhibition and everything else .There were many farm animals ,goats,cows,hens,she told me that they owned a milk diary which was designated on the next street .

Our bus was ready to leave. We gratefully thanked them . Suddenly all the happy moments came to an end as I setfoot on the bus I could renenber all the things that I had missed out in all these 3 hours . On our way to home we all slept on our seats though we could not get a sufficient sleep we were all happy .I reached home till 4.00 in the morning my sister and all my cousins quited their schools and collages for the next day but I could not even if I wanted to.

The next day surely came up wuth new experiences for me I hurried in the morning on my way to school I could only remember the fresh experiences of the previuos day.It was a great exhibition and it gave me immense plesure to represent the project ,MOM we were praised by all our officials and teachers .

Truly these were the badest days of my life:,the puncturing of tyres , getting late for function,not getting a good sleep.🙁 Indeed were the best days of my life :,  getting the beatiful oppurtunity to join the scientific function, meeting a new friend , blessings of god, meeting my cousins , valuable family time , celebrating ISRO’s glorious victory🍻…….just enjoy every moment of life gratefully cheerfully , and try to overcome difficulties manfully and fearlessly🏆…..

-Anshika Dubey

2 thoughts on “Bad days are the best days

  1. This is Pure peace of learning & happiness♥️🤩Nostalgic,so beautifully you’ve described the trip & the beautiful lesson of always living in the moment & most importantly to enjoy it🔥❤️😘Such genius & thoughtful you are Anshika..Keep writing..Keep inspiring & spreading positivity♥️

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