#A falling star

It’s been years since I saw a falling star as I remember I was seven years old when I drove with my family to visit my village. After attained, the first night  I lay contentedly in my granny’s lap on the terrace rug watching heartily the night sky replenished with assorted stars brightly shining at us. I couldn’t close my eyes for the beauty of the sky got me so badly engrossed that I kept staring at it. Out of the blue, I saw a falling star pass by, I turned out to my fervor; but alas I couldn’t make a wish at the moment it just went so promptly. I turned to my granny with a disappointed look. My granny affectionately smiled at me and assured me I could make a wish the next time.

Well, the falling star wasn’t a falling star! Sometimes we see a luminous object moving very fast across the sky leaving a streak of light behind it and which suddenly disappears. It’s generally called a falling star. These tiny bodies which appear to fall aren’t stars but meteors. They enter the earth at a tremendous speed and burn up as a result of frictional heating.

Millions of meteors enter the earth’s orbit every day but wait, does it mean we can see falling stars so frequently well no, it’s a bit like many students giving exams and some of them scoring full marks. In the case of meteors, some of them burn up or disappear on their journey or are converted into vapor and dust. When a meteor does not burn up completely, it falls and hits the earth’s surface, it is called a meteorite. I am eternally grateful, I could discern this wonderful phenomenon, for now, I know the falling star was a meteorite.

There’s no room for doubt that these falling stars or meteorites are as impressive ( enough to take one’s breath away ) as they could be. The meteorites while passing by the earth’s orbit burn themselves up and that’s the reason why they look so bright to us that they can be acknowledged as a star.

-Anshika Dubey

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