Is there any other planet like earth?

Well …it becomes more curious when it comes to other planets like earth …but when u ask this question it only doesn’t talk bout the search of other planet like earth it also questions of any aliens ? Well just bout life it is a Yes!. Kepler-452b is said to be earth’s cousin! Constructed on it’s idiosyncrasy.


An exosolar planet encircling the sun-like star Kepler-452 in the constellation Cygnus.It was determined with the kepler space telescope and it’s revelation was declared by NASA on 23rd July 2015 and was detected to be away from earth at a distance of 1402 light years.

Why is it said to be Earth 2.0 (Similarities between earth and kepler-452b)

Earth and kepler-452b both have about the same temparature and encircle a type of G-2 star (which is a sun like star).kepler-452b orbits it’s host star with a circular period of 385 days and circular radius of about 1.04 AU, which is approximately same as earth’s.A question which must be in your mind is what bout the alien life?

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-Anshika Dubey